2005 AMCRC President

My name is Brian Yacino. I am AMCRC member #91, and one of the remaining 28 charter members of the AMCRC. I am also the 1993 Founder and President of the 4 Seasons AMCRC & Rambler Club, an AMCRC chapter in New England.  I have been a contributing editor to theMr Prez Rambler Reader since 2002 and I am also the Ad Release editor and former Parts Source Guide editor. As you can tell, I bleed 10W-40 and have a hard time not getting involved in the old car (especially Rambler) hobby. As a newborn, I was driven home from the hospital in the back of a Nash business coupe, and Iím pretty sure that if I could have reached the pedals, my dad would have let me drive. I believe in helping people to make the old car hobby fun and affordable and I believe in the old AMC-like philosophy that even if our club isnít the biggest, weíll try to be the best at what we do. I like to promote the hobby as a fun and family-oriented pastime, and try to stay out of the politics (if thatís possible). I do, however, have a hard time holding my tongue if I believe that someone is acting against the best interest of the hobby or the club. I think that thereís room for all of the AMC-related clubs, and that we shouldnít have to bash each other or schedule a National show during the same weekend as another AMC-related National show (unless weíre holding a joint meet). I would like to see more communication, collaboration, and respect between clubs.

In real life, I am an equipment technician at Intel in Massachusetts (formerly Digital Equipment Corp), and have acted as Team Leader, Safety Team Leader, Equipment Engineer, Project Manager, and Equipment Repair / Maintenance Trainer. Iíve found that communication is key to a successful operation, project, or club, and plan to promote as much communication as possible (between members, chapters, and clubs) via the Rambler Reader, Ad Release, email, postcards, web and telephone. Iíve owned about 50 AMC cars, and usually drive my (unrestored) 1963 Classic wagon. It is not a world-class show winner, but Iím proud of the condition, quality and dependability of that car. I will take it anywhere and park it proudly beside anything at a show, orphan or not. Thanks for reading, and see you at the shows!
Brian Yacino