27th Annual AMCRC National Convention Coverage

By Brad Busque
For Select Picturs from the event click here.

On Friday, June 31st, Ramblers from as far away as Michigan, and members as far away as Oregon started to arrive in the Washington DC area to attend the 27th annual AMCRC National Convention hosted by the Potomac Ramblers.  Actually, Ramblers, AMCs and Nashes of all shapes and sizes started to arrive as early as Thursday, June 30th.   Friday afternoon found most of the members chatting in the parking lot, working on last minute repairs, or heading to DC for the day while awaiting the AMCRC meeting at 5:00 PM.


The AMCRC meeting convened at 5:00 sharp.  The meeting covered AMC / Rambler car shows, and ideas on how to keep AMC related car shows from conflicting with each other.  It was noted that for most (excluding our CA and FL chapters), that the show season is very short, and it’s hard not to have some overlap.  It was also noted that a National Show, AMCRC or AMO, should be considered before a Regional, but the Regional should not move a date due to a National, and provide an alternative to anyone not wanting to make the longer trip.  It takes time to build up a Regional’s following, and it felt an established regional date should not be moved to accommodate a Nationals date.

Some basic ground rules for AMCRC National Conventions were discussed.  It was decided that a National should not occur on a Holiday Weekend.  Holiday Weekends are usually reserved for family gatherings, and would limit attendance to a show.  Fathers Day was also considered a bad day for a National Convention, since many children are still in school, and we try to keep AMCRC shows family oriented. It was decided that AMCRC Nationals would continue to be open to ALL in the Nash, Rambler and AMC hobby, not just AMCRC members.


After the meeting we were off to our cruise at the Silver Dinner.  While the Dinner was right across the street from the Holiday Inn hosting the AMCRC National, the Potomac Ramblers created a longer route, just the right amount to assure members of the city got to see the Ramblers and flash us a thumbs up.  The cruise attracted about 30 cars.  The cars ranged in age from a 52 Nash Rambler, up to an 87 AMC Eagle.  It was quite a site seeing all those Nash, Ramblers and AMC’s in the parking lot of the Diner.  The Silver Diner had typical Diner fare, with a great selection of Malts and Milk Shakes.  The AMCRC kids really seemed to enjoy the Classic Car Kits that were handed out. The kits were comprised of a card board Classic Car, (a 59 Rambler I think) that contained a kids menu, crayons and activity’s.  More than one of the over twelve set was seen taking one of the kits on the way out.  In the parking lot after dinner we had a chance to see the triplets that had traveled to the show in a 67 Rambler Rebel Convertible with their proud parents.  Even with all the great old cars in attendance, they were the stars of the evening.


Saturday turned out to be a perfect show day.  Low Humidity, with lots of sunshine.  There were truly some great cars found on the show field.  A 68 Rambler American Wagon that had an honest 918 original miles on it.  The car looked like it did the day it drove off the assembly line in Kenosha.  All original, all perfect. WOW!  Also on hand was a 70 AMC AMX with 8,000 original miles, it looked every bit as good as the wagon, again all original.  How about a 60 Rambler Six sporting a pink / white paint job with only 68,000 original miles.  Or a 79 AMC Pacer D/L with 58,000 miles, again in perfect original condition.  I have never seen so many original, low mileage AMCs in one place at one time, well excluding the trips to the local Rambler dealer with my dad back in the 60’s.   Potomac Rambler VP/Treasurer Harley Smith was master of ceremonies for the 50/50 and some really great door prizes at the end of the day. 


That evening found us in the Holiday Inn Banquet room for a Social Hour followed by our meal.  After dinner the entertainment was kicked off by Dr Otto Tourqentube who presented a humorous and informative history of AMC and AMCRC. Though the use of PhotoShop some current members of AMCRC and the Potomac Chapter popped up in the old AMC design studios along with Geroge Romeny and crew.  Heck there was even a picture of a young Patrick Foster hiding under a drafting table taking notes on the days events as they unfolded.  And you wondered where he gets all his information?  Next up were the awards, hosted by Harley Smith, and presented by Potomac Chapter President, Ben Franklin.  Harley was very entertaining, has a good wit, and great personality, making the awards presentations very enjoyable.  The evening came to a close after a painting of Lew Brown’s Farm including his AMC cars scattered around the barns was auctioned off.  High Bidder was AMCRC member Bob Majecski of CT.  Not only did Bob win the bidding, but he also provided some history on the painting, pointing out it was done by a Disney artist, and really was a quite the AMC historical piece of art, thus costing him a bit more to win the auction.  A great time was had by all in attendance. This was a fun, well organized National, and AMCRC really appreciates the efforts put forward by the Potomac Members involved.  Thanks to all who made all of us visiting the area feel welcome, and part of the Potomac Chapter.  And on a final note, if any teacher has a student who goes back to school and claims he shook hands with the “real” Ben Franklin while visiting the DC area over the summer, cut him a break, he did.