401 Equipped 1962 Rambler Classic!
I liked the early Ramblers style, the type Dear ole Dad and Uncle Charlie had, you know, the 58- 62ish Ramblers that were reliable and always started, even in the worst weather. I knew of a large number of Javelins, AMX's and Matadors that had good drive trains, and were either wrecked or rotting away because someone gave up hope of their car ever being on the road again.  That's when the idea of installing a 401 in an early Rambler popped into my head. Swapping in a 401 engine opened the door to more fun, and a little performance in a car with lots of style! I did a lot of homework and brainstorming to make sure the swap was reasonable, using ALL AMC or  Rambler parts. I also considered my history of AMCs, about 200 cars since 1968.  After owning most of what AMC built, I wanted something different, something AMC never built. This car would be unique, but it was to remain all AMC.

The 401 is basically stock with only a cam upgrade for low end torque. Since I was going to make this car a highway cruiser, I installed 2:56 gears from a V8 Spirit, then knowing how I 'd treat the car, (rough) I opted for the 727 transmission, where as a 998 would have been fine for a car that didn't have to meet my intended demands. The axle assy was from a Spirit, reworked with coil spring perches and shock mounts off the 62 Rambler, as well as the alignment bar. I then installed 30" ladder bars to sub for the old closed (Torque Tube) drive shaft.  The radiator is a 3 core unit intended to cool a 440 Chrysler, while a 18000 lb cooler was installed to handle the transmission.

The battery is relocated to the right side of the trunk for better weight distribution. I also installed an aluminum intake to further reduce front end weight. The front coil springs are from a 327 equipped Ambassador. The Offy 2-4bbl manifold was added a few years ago.  Many of my cruise friends drive brand X cars, which have the 409 3-duces or the 406 Ford with 2- 4 barrels, so when
Offy 2-4bbl manifold became available I knew it had to go on the Rambler.
The transmission cross member was fabricated from a Matador donor to fit the frame sills of the 62 Classic, adjustable of course to aid in engine tilt and help in pinion angle. The tires are 15x6 front and 15x7 rear. A 1983 Concord donated the manual Disc brakes. Shifting is via a B&M  for simplicity, but I left the push-buttons intact for conversation. I have 2 gauges to watch the engine, and reverse red light located in the ash-tray to avoid a missed shift. The exhaust manifolds are free-flows and ported internally to move more cfms. thru 2-1/4 pipes.  About 90% of the swap was done by myself and friends.
I have now owned this car for about 12 years, originally coming from Ken Havekost. The odometer shows only 41,000 miles.
If you were wondering, the answer is yes, this Classic does attract a lot of stories of  Dads Rambler in high school. On the other side of the garage sits a 1978 Pacer wagon with a 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine. The Pacer has been done about 3 years, but that's another story.
Note the detail of the 401, kind of looks like a 327 with the Rampart Red Paint and custom valve covers

Thanks for you time.
Phil Amin    Louisville KY.