Letter's to AMCRC

59 AmboMy first car was a 59 Rambler Ambassador that I recieved from my father upon graduation in 1962. I put that car through hell, but it just wouldn't quit, even when I pegged the speedometer at 120 for 5 straight miles and  ripped the brushes out of the generator by doing it. Many times I would  coast it backwards in neutral and slam the drive button in, flooring it  just to squeal the tires.  I desecrated it by applying an ugly black racing stripe  along its whole length, attracting many a speed contest.  My brother, furthering its decline, sideswiped a parked car with it while I was away in  the Navy, creasing the entire driver's side from front to back. Its windows were left down all summer, even in the rain, and many a female aquaintence got  to sample its tattered reclining seats, much to their dubious pleasure.
Sadly, my Ambassador met it's ignominious end in 1965 at the auto auction in Langhorne, Pa. where I got only $100.00 for  it! To this day I remember when my Dad picked it up all shiny and new from Luchetti Rambler in Pittston, Pa. It could have been my pride and joy  forever, but unfortunatly I was just too immature. Today I would give anything to have it back!  I can, however, take heart in the fact that many like yourselves are giving such a beautiful car the respect it deserves, respect that I wish I had given when I had the chance. I'm pasting a picture of the aforementioned Ambassador, the only  picture I have left from what exists only in my memory. Maybe someone restored it. I'd like to think so!
Earl Bailey
Scranton, Pa.

So lets's here it, any one have a 59 Ambassador out there like Earl's old one?  Email me @ AMCRC