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Pictures of 1958-1969 American Motors Corporation cars
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1958 Metropolitan
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The Metropolitan, known affectionately as "The Littlest Nash" was introduced in 1954. 

The "Met" was designed by William Flajole of Nash/AMC, built by Austin of England, and brought to realization as the result of a chance meeting on an ocean liner between George Mason (President of Nash/AMC) and Leonard Lord (head of the Austin automobile company of England). 

The Metropolitan had a 4 cylinder Austin F-head engine, and came in only two body styles: hardtop and convertible. The cute little "Met" was America's first modern mini-car, and its body style remained mostly unchanged for its entire nine year life span. 

It should be noted that slight cosmetic modifications (such as adding a trunk lid and changing the grille) were made over the years, and a marginally larger engine (1500 cc) was introduced about half-way through the production cycle. 

A grand total of 94,986 Mets were built. 

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