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Pictures of 1958-1969 American Motors Corporation cars
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1959 Rambler "6" Station Wagon
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The mainstay of AMC's automobile sales in 1959 was the Rambler "6" line, including the 'plain Jane' 4-door sedan and the workhorse station wagon. These cars were prized for their unbeatable combination of reliability and gas economy. 

The Rambler "6" was the quintessential family car. It was unquestionably the best example of the type of car which made AMC's reputation for building sensible automobiles. With low initial cost, low operating cost, generous passenger and trunk/storage space, and good resale value, these sedans and wagons were great suburban favorites. 

There was another extraordinary AMC car in 1959 and, although it looked almost exactly like the reliable "6", it had much more to offer in terms of performance. The unassuming 1959 Rebel V-8, which had a power-to-weight ratio of only 14-to-1, proved to be one of the fastest production cars of the year. 

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