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Pictures of 1958-1969 American Motors Corporation cars
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1964 American 440 Convertible
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A totally restyled American series was introduced this year. Car Life Magazine dubbed it the "most handsome Rambler ever built", and featured it on the magazine's cover. Richard Teague, AMC's Vice-President in charge of styling, designed the 1964 American around (believe it or not!) the doors from earlier AMC full-sized automobiles. 

This totally new line of Americans was a real bonanza for AMC, representing over 40% of all sales for the year. And, this handsome body style continued to be a mainstay of AMC sales all the way through 1969. 

A car like the one pictured here sold for approximately $1.00 per pound -- with a new purchase price of $2770, and a curb weight of 2752 pounds. 

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