1959 Rambler American Super Wagon. Originally windowed, converted to a panel. Miles; unknown (I personally drove 150K miles since 1985). 196 cubic inch, overhead valve; at least 75K miles on motor  3 speed tranny with Borg Warner overdrive; needs syncro's front seats are from a Rambler Ambassador back seat was replaced with doored storage area. This car has been a daily driver for 25 years. Now it needs either a restoration, hotrodding, or drivable rebuild. The spare parts are a goldmine for any Rambler enthusiast. Included with sale are: 2 crankshafts for standard tranny input shafts, 1 radiator, 1 driveshaft with multiple spare, U-joint parts, 1 steering column, 6 tail light assemblies, various distributor parts (one Delco), various front suspension parts, 2 196 cu overhead valve heads with valves, 2 flywheels with pressure plates & one clutch plate, assortment of generators, starters & waterpumps, 3 buildable Borg Warner overdrive tranny's, 6 front wheel hubs with axles, 1 original tube radio.  Call GD Walker @ (619) 460-5008. The car is located in La Mesa CA (suburb of San Diego). It is drivable but it's really a project car.
Asking price for everything is $5000.   
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1959 Rambler American Super Wagon
1959 Rambler American Super Wagon 2
1959 Rambler American Super parts