1975 AMC Pacer.  All original and equipped with a 232 / AT and AC.  It has 45,000 miles on it, and overall, is in very, very good condition. There are some cracks in the hard plastic interior panels. The only rust is in the corners of the rear bumper, along with some surface rust under the gas cap. The AC is currently not working, as it needs a charge.  This is an excellent driver-quality car - $4,800. Contact #9424 Joe in Bismarck, ND at 701-595-0413 / jherslip@gmail.com  To return to the sales page click here.
1975 AMC Pacer front
1975 AMC Pacer. rear
1975 AMC Pacer. right
1975 AMC Pacer. left
1975 AMC Pacer. int