1961 Rambler American C
ustom Convertible.  Grey with black top

195.6 L-head.  I have owned this for about 15 years.  Front disc brake conversion - rotors from 1979 Concord, dual master cylinder from 1978 Hornet.  Very straight, solid body.  Minor surface rust on floor pans.  Needs new top & plastic window, top could possibly be repaired, not too sure.  Electric / hydraulic top mechanism works good.  No carpet.  Car was restored, I believe sometime in the late 80s with a custom interior.  Seats and door upholstery in good shape.  Steering wheel needs to be rebuilt / replaced, missing steering column shaft spacer & horn button.  Speedometer does not work, have not checked it out, it's not really that fast so didn't worry about it.  No radio.  Steering is a little funky, trunnions may need work.  Gear selector needs some work, feels sloppy.  Grey paint dull, could probably be buffed back to life.  Small (1-1/2”) split on side of hood in front of hinge mount, needs to be repaired or get new hood.  No side view mirror.  No hubcaps.  New mechanical fuel pump included, uninstalled.  Electric fuel pump on car now, works intermittently, haven’t taken the time to install the correct mechanical pump.  Wipers don’t work since mechanical fuel pump was removed, reinstalling this should make them operational.  Just had head tested, milled, installed new head gasket.   Radiator was boiled out & painted, new radiator and heater hoses installed.  New spark plugs, distributor parts installed.  Transmission has pan gasket leak, gasket needs to be replaced, trans works fine just need to check level before driving.  Carb probably needs to be adjusted, car seems to idle too high.  I am selling this because I don’t ever drive it and am no longer interested in it, don’t even have the motivation to fix the minor things listed here.  Need the space in the garage for other things.  $3000 obo.   To return to the sales page click here.     
1961 Rambler American Custom convertible Drivers side
1961 Rambler American Custom convertible front
1961 Rambler American Custom convertible side
1961 Rambler American Custom convertible back