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2010 AMCRC National Convention

The 2010 AMCRC National AMC/Rambler meet in Sacramento occured June 25th - 27th 2010.  June 25th there was a swap meet at the California Auto Museum. Members were also welcome to check out the museum, have a box lunch at the museum and take a cruise to Marina Park for a BBQ / pot luck dinner.  Those who found the time also paid a visit to the guys at A&L Auto. A&L is a repair shop in Sacramento owned buy some serious AMC fans.

June 26th was the big AMC show under the highway near the California Auto Museum, a great place for a car show. Because of the overpass a lot of the cars were shielded from the sun all day. The guys from A&L had 4 AMCs in the show and the A&L shop owner won a trophy with his Matador wagon.

After the show there was a buffet dinner and a guest speaker, Jack Carol at the museum. Jack Carol was a designer for AMC from early to late 60's. Jack worked in both the interior and exterior styling departments and presented a slide show displaying a good number of his original drawings. During the slide show Jack told stories of life at AMC during that time, it was very informative and members seemed to enjoy the presentation.

June 27th found members cruising to a Photo Shoot of their AMC cars at the State Library Circular Drive. The area was secured by the CHP to allow owners to photograph their vehicles with the Capital Building in the background.

Click here to see pictures from the show field.