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This fine Rambler has  original miles on it.
Happy Holidays From the AMCRC!

What's New

The New England Chapter of the AMCRC has been hard at work with a update of  their web page.  Please take a moment to check out what's new at the Four Season AMCRC and Rambler Club.  After that way not pop over to our links page and see what the other AMCRC chpaters are up to? AMC historian Pat Foster is wrapping up his artical about his Kenosha 2002 experiences, and impressions of the event.  Watch for his article to appear (hopefully) before 2003

The club is looking for pictures of members 1958-1969 AMC cars to include within AMCRC on the web.  If you would like your car included please email the AMCRC with a picture of your car, your name, AMCRC membership number, e-mail (if you wish to be contacted by people viewing your car) local AMCRC chapter affiliation (if applicable) and the state the car is registered in. We'll add the information to the upcoming "Members Cars" page. 

The editor of the Rambler Reader (the AMCRC's quarterly magazine) is always looking for good Rambler stories.  If you have a story you would like to share with members of the AMCRC please e-mail Brain Yacino with your story.

About The Club

The AMCRC was founded in 1980 to encourage and promote the preservation, restoration and collection of automobiles produced by American Motors Corporation during the model years 1958 through 1969. The Club also encourages preservation and collection of all information and printed matter relating to these cars. 
In furtherance of these objectives, AMCRC publishes the quarterly Rambler Reader, the monthly Ad Release and the annual Parts Source Guide; and holds and participates in national and local car meets; and maintains a Club Library of technical information. 

The span of years recognized by AMCRC, 1958-1969, covers the period beginning with the use of the American Motors name exclusively on the company's cars (dropping the names Nash and Hudson), and ending with the last use of the name Rambler -- which was first used by Thomas B. Jeffery in 1902. The years 1958 through 1969 represent a period of transition for AMC that was to determine the company's course for many years to come. 

To sum up, we at AMCRC are just a bunch of volunteers who have banded together to assist each other in finding the parts, services, and advice necessary to keep our AMCs on the road. And, we use AMCRC Club publications and services to facilitate the interchange of information that we need to do this. For more information about the AMCRC please visit the Club Info or Fequently Asked Questions pages.
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