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AMCRC Feature Stories
Welcome to AMCRC's feature page. 

New for 2011 and beyond..........

AMCRC now has a facebook page where we post links to Rambler, Nash and AMC related stories.  Visit our page to see these stories, you don't need to be a Facebook member to see the links.

January 2011 (Nash Rambler by Rob Wagner)

December 2010 (The Strength of an Image by Allen Walrath)

November 2010 (A very Rambler Christmas 2010 by Brad Busque)

August 2010 (AMCs at the California Automobile Museum)

July 2010 (AMCRC National Convention)

June 2010 (Show Time by Brian Yacino)

May 2010 (American Center, from Potomac Chapter May News Letter by Chad Quella)

April 2010 (Those One Year Ramblers by Patrick Foster)

March 2010 (Rambler Ambassador Restoration Blog By Suzanne Edmonds)

Febuary 2010 (65-67 Marlin by Cookie the Dog Owner)

January 2010 (1950 - 1963 Rambler)

December 2009 (A very Rambler Christmas 2009 by Brad Busque)

November 2009 (AMCRC Natioanl Conventions)

October 2009 (Battery Tech Tips by Brian Yacino)

August 2009 (AMCRC National Convention)

July 2009 (Rambler Restoration Blog by Cody Mix)

June 2009 (eBay Car Scams by Brad Busque)

May 2009 (1962 Rambler Wagon)

March 2009 (Nash and Hudson Got It Right by Adam Shapiro)

Febuary 2009 (A Classic Rescued by Vern Parker)

January 2009 (1970 AMX By Daniel Strohl)

December 2008 (A very Rambler Christmas2008 by Brad Busque)

November 2008 (Dinasor Hunter (Part III))

October 2008 (Dinasor Hunter (Part II))

Setptember 2008 (Dinasor Hunter (Part I))

August 2008 (AMCRC National Convention)

July 2008 (Thinking Small)

June 2008 (Ramblers ramble on By Jim Bohen)

May 2008 (The Importance of Mitt’s Rambler By Richard S. Chang)

April 2008 (1960 Rambler American Wagon wins Ridler Award)

March 2008 (1961-1962 American Motors Rambler Classic Custom Six by George Mattar)

Febuary 2008 (Gamble on the Rambler)

January 2008 (Worst Cars Ever?)

December 2007 (A very Rambler Christmas2007 by Brad Busque)

November 2007 (My Grandfathers Rambler, by Richard White)


September 2007 (Rambler Restoration Blog by Adam Young)

August 2007 (AMCRC 2007 Rambler Regionals)

July 2007 (AMCRC National Convention)

June 2007 (1961 Ambassador by Rambler by Mark J. McCourt)

May 2007 (Dec. 58 Rambler Artical From Time Magazine)

April 2007 (1964 Rambler 770 by Jeff Koch)

March 2007 (Loyal Till the End by Wigwam Jones)

Febuary 2007 (2007 AMCRC National Show Host Club Chapter President by Bill McCleery)

January 2007 (What Might Have Been by John F. Katz)

December 2006 (A very Rambler Christmas by Brad Busque)

November 2006 (62 401 Rambler Classic by Phil Amin)

October 2006 (63 Rambler Classic by Bill Vance)

September 2006 (59 Rambler by Denny Schwartz)

August 2006 (Last Of The Line by Rebecca Marlarkey)

July 2006 (2006 AMCRC National Convention by Brad Busque)

June 2006 (65-66 Ambassador by Bill Vance)

April 2006 (1956 AMC V8 Part II)

March 2006 (1956 AMC V8 Part I)

February 2006 (Stan Kelly)

January 2006 (AMCRC Members Area)

December 2005 (AMCRC Rambler Guide)

November 2005 (Pat Fosters AMC Book List)

October 2005 (Rambler Classic & Ambassador, reprinted from 1963 Motor Trend)

September 2005 (Rambler American, reprinted from 1963 Motor Trend)

August 2005 (Rambler Engineering, reprinted from 1963 Motor Trend)

July 2005 (Rambler History, reprinted from 1963 Motor Trend)

June 2005 (Kids and the National)

May 2005 (The Little Eagle That Could)

April 2005 (Rambler Rollaway)

March 2005 (66 American Wagon)

Febuary 2005 (Letters to AMCRC)

January 2005 (AMCRC accepts PayPal)

December 2004 (Meet The New AMCRC Vice Prez)

November 2004 (Meet The New AMCRC Prez)

October 2004 (Fixed Window Replacement by Tom Jennings)

September 2004 (Regulator Replacement by Tom Jennings)

August 2004 (2004 AMCRC Cruise by Brad Busque)

July 2004 (Ramblings of the Editor by Brian Yacino)

June 2004 (Letters to AMCRC)

May 2004 (The Woman of AMC Part IV by Casey McGowen)

April 2004 (The Woman of AMC Part IV by Casey McGowen)

March 2004 (The Woman of AMC Part III by Casey McGowen)

Febuary 2004 (The Woman of AMC Part II by Casey McGowen)

January 2004 (The Woman of AMC Part I by Casey McGowen)

December 2003 (A New Hampshire Marlin by Joe Howard)

November 2003 (AMC Colors in NASCAR by Brad Busque)


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